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First drive: Audi RS6 Performance

One of the defining traits of human beings is to want more. It’s what shapes our lives, our jobs and our relationships. It’s what modern society thrives on, what runs the enormous wheels of our economies and what shapes our future. Cut to the chase: If someone told you, hey, we’re taking this really quick and also practical car, and giving it even more grunt, what would your reaction be? If you’re as nuts about going as fast as we are, it should be pretty much like ours. Yes, @#$k yes!

Enter, the unassuming estate featured on this page. There’s an honest practicality and yet there’s also menace about the way it looks. Where the RS6 is not unassuming at all, is in what it delivers once you strap into the driver’s seat and set off. With the Performance pack, the 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 petrol motor under the hood makes 597bhp here (up from the 560 on the standard) and Audi says it is 0.2 sec faster to 100kph from standstill (0-100 in 3.7 sec).

As we’ve experienced before, the engine and 8-speed gearbox combination delivers in spades. Acceleration is instant and can be brutal or brisk based on how heavy you are with the right foot. The exhaust sends out crackles and pops, as you climb through the gears, and the gruff song the V8 sings is a delightful tune. The ride, obviously stiff, is still accommodating enough over bad roads, especially with the drive mode switched to Comfort. Speaking of drive modes, it’s the same four on offer with Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual (lets you tweak settings to your preferences). The RS6 Performance, like its standard sibling, is confident with grip through corners. However, as accurate as that steering is, it feels a little uncommunicative, robbing you of confidence at high speeds.

In the cabin too, it’s pretty much the same fare as the standard car. Top notch materials used and used well, with excellent fit-finish. There’s Audi MMI control with the rotary dial, flat-bottomed steering, the works. It’s spacious, comfortable and luxurious in here, both in the front and rear, so your long road trip will always seem all too short. Of course, when it comes to luggage swallowing, the capacious boot is more than adequate.

To sum up, it’s pretty much the same well-balanced product that its less powerful sibling is. Comfortable and luxurious as a family car, perfect to cruise around town in; brutal and fiendishly fast in supercar territory, more than capable of making some really quick cars eat its tail dust. Overall, the RS6 Performance is a more brutal version of the very capable RS6 and quite the worthy upgrade. In fact, we think the Performance is the one you should go for. After all, more is better.

Price: Rs 1.65 crore (ex-showroom)

L/W/H: 4979x2086x1461mm
Wheelbase: 2915mm
Engine: 3993cc, bi-turbo V8 petrol
Power: 597bhp
Torque: 700Nm

Verdict: A worthy upgrade over the standard RS6

Score: 8/10

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