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Review: Ford Endeavour 2019

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What is it?
There’s a wave that has swept through the Ford range – it’s called the Sync 3. The latest one to get the new interface is the Ford Endeavour. But that’s not all, the 2019 version receives a couple of visual updates as well as the re-introduction of a manual gearbox with the smaller 2.2-litre diesel motor.

Ford Endeavour

What visual updates?
You will need to break out that magnifying glass for this one. If you look closely at the grille, yes, it is still a huge chromed hexagon, but, the design has changed. Ford has dropped the bulky double slat for a sleeker design. I prefer this one, although you are free to make up your mind about it. What else has changed, you may ask. Well, the alloy wheels get a new design and the front bumper has been reworked as well. There’s another slight rework of the rear bumper skid plate, which is easily missed.

Ford Endeavour

Anything on the inside?
Ford has added a start/ stop button for ease of use and retained all the cool bits about the Endeavour’s dashboard, including the instrument cluster display. We were hoping the functionality of the adjoining screens would improve, but that hasn’t happened. What has changed is the interface on the touchscreen with an upgrade to Sync 3. You now have seamless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, additionally you can download compatible apps for system for direct access from the touchscreen. Apart from usability with your smart device, you get a host of vehicle related features, which also includes setting up a wi-fi hotspot in your car.

Ford Endeavour

Do you get additional features?
I am glad you ask, because you do get some added features for the cabin as well. The passenger gets an electrically adjustable seat now, and the second row of seats gets a separate temperature control for their set of vents in addition to the dual-zone that exists at the front. You continue with useful features like the powered tailgate and a single button to fold the third row of seats. What has been added is a foot gesture (works with a side swipe motion) that will open the tailgate as well, for times when you arrive with bags. Of course, the massive panoramic sunroof remains untouched and I wish Ford would have added telescopic adjustment to the steering in addition to tilt.
Ford Endeavour

What about the drive?
Ford has decided not to meddle with the bits under the hood. You still get a 3.2-litre diesel motor which is good for 197bhp and 470Nm of torque combined with a six-speed automatic gearbox for the Endeavour. Or, there is a 2.2-litre diesel motor available as well, which produces 158bhp and 385Nm of torque. What does change is the re-introduction of a manual gearbox as an added option for the smaller 2.2-litre motor, apart from the six-speed automatic that continues to be offered. Four-wheel-drive is standard on the 3.2-litre version and it is equipped with ‘Terrain Management’ to tackle all sorts of low-traction surfaces while the 2.2-litre is available with rear-wheel-drive only.
Ford Endeavour

Does this make it better?
With all the enhancements to the 2019 Endeavour and the introduction of a new colour, Ford has chosen to make the buying decision a little more difficult for this particular segment of SUVs. It has always had size on its side and with a new grille and alloys, it looks a little bit sleeker. Sync 3 has become quite a likeable feature, now a part of all their cars, and the added features in the cabin sure will make a difference, especially ones aimed at the passengers. Ford has also decided to streamline its variant list to ‘Titanium’ and ‘Titanium+’. Six airbags are now standard with the addition of a seventh knee airbag for the ‘+’. At 32.97 lakh (ex-showroom, India) the 2019 Endeavour is Rs 30,000 lesser than the Toyota Fortuner and re-enforces the Ford advantage. Even the 2.2-litre manual undercuts the Fortuner by more than a lakh. Don’t forget the promise of lower running costs in the long run as well.

Rating: 8/10

Price: 32.97 lakh (ex-showroom, India)

Engine: 3198cc, 5-cyl, turbo-diesel
Power: 197bhp @ 3000rpm
Torque: 470Nm @1750-2500rpm
Transmission: 6-speed AT
Kerb weight: 2394kg
LxWxH: 4903x1869x1837
Fuel tank: 80 litres
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