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Review: Bose SoundSport Free

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What exactly is the Bose SoundSport Free? They are the latest in Bose’s line of sport earphones and are the first of their wireless earphones that are independent – meaning they do not have any wires anywhere. They also come in a nifty little battery back that allows you to charge the earphones twice. The earphones themselves are Siri and Google enabled with four control buttons. The right pod gets two volume buttons and one action button to use Siri, answer calls and control music while the left pod has one button to cycle through all your paired devices. The pods last roughly five hours on a single charge post which you can recharge them in the battery pack case, which holds two full charges amounting to a total of 15 hours of listening time. And before you ask – no, these do not get active noise cancellation.

In use, the Soundsport Free delivers outstanding audio quality. In fact it is one of the best sounding Bose earphones (and perhaps best earphones across brands) out there. Highs, lows and minds are equally clear with the bass staying crystal clear without distortion at all volumes. It comes with a volume optimised equaliser and Bose’s digital single processing tech that makes sure you get the best sound at any volume. When compared to the QC 35 II that we tested previously, the sound quality itself is much richer and fuller.

What I also like is that Bose ships this with three sizes of StayHear+ Sport tips which pretty much cover all ear sizes. Once you’ve gotten the right size, you can use them through any kind of physical activity and they don’t fall out. I’ve been going running with them every day and they have never fallen out even once. It also helps that they are water resistant. So when you’re drenched in sweat, the SoundSports don’t get affected.
There are some glaring issues though. Firstly, and this is a minor one, the earphones themselves are quite large. But since they weight next to nothing (nine grams each!), other than looking a but funny, there are no other problems. The second and most glaring issue I faced is audio lag. When using certain apps, the device delays audio delivery by almost 1-2 seconds. It isn’t across the board though. I faced this issue with YouTube, Facebook and Apple Music. But with Amazon Prime, Netflix and come browser videos, there was no issue. I did some digging and the common consensus is that the delay is caused because the device casts audio first to the right side pod which then casts to the left pod. But I’d expect Bose to come up with a solution for this considering their expertise and the price of the unit.

I also don’t like that the control buttons are a bit hard to use. You need a very firm press to use them that feels unnatural.At a little under Rs 20,000, they are not a cheap set of earphones. What’s great is that the fit, comfort and sound quality are great. They also come on some real funky colours. The lag though, that needs immediate fixing!

Price - Rs 18,990

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