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There aren’t a whole lot of changes that are apparent when you look at the V3. Yes, the colour schemes are different. But, that is till you pick it up and take a closer look. The number of improvements that Rynox has made to this jacket is indeed impressive. First off, the fit, on the V3, is better with the overall length of the jacket becoming a little longer. Even the sleeves are longer now and the cuffs meet your wrists when you are stretched out for the handlebar. They have stuck to the stuff that worked in the earlier jacket - you still get level 2 Knox protection all around, although the back protector has been swapped for a heavier, less malleable one. Further, Rynox has developed their own level 1 split chest protector and included it in the V3 as well. Like the Stealth Evo V2, you get straps on the biceps and forearms to adjust the fit of the armour and straps on either side of the jacket to adjust the fit to your body.

While the five-position snap adjustment remains, a softer portion has been added on the fleece lined collar to make it even more comfortable against the throat. Further, Rynox has chosen to add a kidney belt that slips inside an additional layer in the liner, to ensure it remains on the jacket. However, the material used for the liner takes away the breathability of mesh - not good for our humid conditions. What continues to work are the large mesh panels on the arms and shoulders to flow in air, although the exhaust vents on the back should’ve been larger to extract air as well. Especially with the addition of the heavy back protector.

Like earlier, the Stealth Evo V3 is ready for cooler temperatures, with a fleece liner, and rain, with a pull over rain jacket (I would quite like it to be less red). You can, of course, use the large cargo pocket in the back to store your liners, while the ones on the front store stuff that you need more regularly. There’s no getting away from the fact that the V3 is a warm jacket, especially the black colourway that I have been using. I chose to leave out the chest armour, it becomes too stuffy with a back/ hydration pack strapped on, but that is a personal choice. I would like more functionality from the hip belt too, preferably with the mesh lining restored in the jacket. Having said that, you get a whole lot of jacket and protection from the Rynox for Rs 11,550 and it works pretty damn well.

What's more is that from 01 May 2019, with purchase of any Rynox jacket, pants and gloves worth Rs 4,000 or more, the buyer gets a complimentary accident insurance cover of Rs 50,000 for 1 year, from Rynox. Buyers can register online, provide some personal details, purchase date, product code and an invoice copy to avail the insurance policy. 

Rynox Insurance Scheme

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