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Gear review: Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro

Off-road boots are a tricky business. It’s always a question of whether to go the whole hog and get competition boots or to live in comfort of the ADV boot space. For me, the safety benefits offered by competition spec boots far outweigh the comfort of adventure boots. And this is why I’ve always bent towards enduro boots. But the problem with enduro and motocross boots are that they always take forever to break in. Traditionally, you can expect a week of usage to get them to be a bit compliant. All of the SIDIs and Oneal’s I’ve used so far have been the same in this regard. So, I was expecting the same from the Tech 7s. But boy, was I surprised.
The Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduros needed zero break-in. I’m not exaggerating. From the first time I used them out on the trails, they have felt like a pair of boots I’ve used for year and years. They’re my favourite boots. No contest!

But before I tell you any more, here are some deets about their build. The top-side of the boot is made of abrasion resistant microfiber material that is water resistant and has been specially engineered to keep the weight minimal. The entire foot is an integral hard unit that encases everything from your toe to your heel. The shin protection is TPU and it also gets the blade system, a medial pivot and lateral hinge to prevent unnatural motion of the joints in your foot. The sole is entirely replaceable and the buckles are self-cleaning and self-aligning. Unlike the regular Tech 7, the Enduro gets a gripper sole that lets you walk around on trails without any problem.

How are they to use? You already know they are super comfortable. Aside from that, they are also incredibly easy to put on. Once you set the lengths of the buckles, you never have to touch them again. The insides are plush and offer great feel on the levers. It is also fairly flexible and gives you great control over the rear brake. The inside of both legs are rubberized and let you grip the bike very well. And the best part is, for competition-spec enduro boots, these are incredibly light! The only upgrade to this would be the Tech 10, which is heavier and don’t come with the grippy ‘enduro’ sole.

Overall, the Tech 7 Enduros are the best off-road boots I have used so far. They combine top of the line protection with comfort that I have never experienced in any off-road boots till date. You just cannot go wrong with these!

Price: Rs 34,999
Available on special order at Planet DSG

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