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You must have seen the great big saddlebags that people on a certain sort of motorcycle, cough, Bullet, cough, tend to carry around. Perfectly slab-sided, even shapes. You. must also have seen the great big hard panniers attached to the more adventure-oriented motorcycles. The sort that seem bomb-proof and cost an incredible amount of money. For the rest of us, with upswept exhausts, there haven’t been many options. Especially with this amount of luggage capacity. The Nomad Saddelbags can squeeze in 25 litres in each pannier (32 when extended). They are also semi-rigid, which helps them keep their shape regardless of how much luggage you are carrying.

Rynox has simplified the mounting system on this one too, three straps are enough to hold it in place, with another three going across the seat to integrate them. Despite the upswept shape, it gobbled up stuff packed for a couple of weeks with room to spare. And big fat water bottles too. The additional straps on top of the bag allow for stuff such as tripods and sleeping bags to be latched on too. I do have a couple of gripes with the Nomad though. It is the fact that rain covers are impossible to mount and the zippers leave a bit of a gap, which allows the elements to creep in. It also hangs pretty low, making for minimal clearance on top of the exhaust and rubs off the paint at a couple of points. However, at Rs 4,899, they offer great value and work reasonably well.



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