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Review: Alpinestars Syncro Drystar gloves

The Syncro is Alpinestars’ cold/wet weather gloves that are meant for urban use. We’ve been using them while touring in the Himalayas and it has impressed us quite a bit. But first, the build…

The Syncro built with a synthetic, softshell upper and a leather palm. The whole glove gets Alpinestars’ trademark Drystar liner that is waterproof and breathable. The lining site between the outer shell and the soft inner lining that also acts as insulation. The closure system is a single Velcro panel and the cuff in lined with airprene for added comfort. Knuckle protection comes from a polyurethane hard protector and the glove also gets impact absorbing EVA foam in key impact areas on the palm. The index finger is also touch-screen compatible.

How is it to use? Well, we tested the gloves while out touring in the Himalayas and it kept us both warm and dry. At various points through the ride we were met with rain and near zero temperatures. The gloves kept windchill out and even when ambient temperatures dropped, the insides remained warm.

The waterproof and warm liners do make the fit very snug, so getting in and out of them were a bit of a task. The added bulk also cuts the feedback and feel a little bit from the handlebars. But when you consider the benefits of having a warm pair of hands, this is forgivable.

One of the complaints we have have with gloves that come with warm liners is that after some amount of use and if there is water seepage, the warm liner tends to come apart and the gloves become unusable. We had no such problem with the Syncro though.

As great as they are for cold weather use, using them in anything other than the conditions they are meant for is not advised. They do tend to get really warm in Indian temperatures and the added bulk is not a compromise we would like to make unless the extra warmth is necessary.

One the whole, if you are headed into some cold climes, we would recommend these gloves. Just make sure that these are your secondary gloves. For everything other than cold weather, you’ll definitely needs summer or at least lighter gloves.

Cost: Rs 8000
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