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We used to think that noise-cancellation was a luxury that was merely a luxury. But after having used the QC35 II for a few weeks, we stand corrected. We want it! No, we need it!

First, we’re going to tell you about the audio quality of these headphones. Being a Bose product, sound quality is pretty much guaranteed. There are no frequency losses and everything is crystal clear – lows, mids and highs. Our only complaint is that the sound is a bit distant in comparison to the Soundsport that we have been using. But then, that’s to be expected when moving from in-ear to over the year sound sources. Overall, the QC35 II is one of the best sounding headphones we have used in a while.

But the real selling point for the QC35 is the noise-cancellation. We used it on an 8-hour flight to Italy and it managed the jet’s drone extremely well. It cuts out all ambient noise. It works by detecting the frequencies in the ambient noise and emitting negative frequencies to cancel them out. So, for example, the noise from a jet engine is cancelled out extremely well. Of course, it works best with sustained noise. So conversations and other intermitted noises aren’t cancelled out too much. This means that with noise cancellation at full power, you can still hear a lot of the announcements and a bit of conversation.

The QC35 II gets volume control buttons, an action button and a button to control the level of noise cancellation. We used it at full NC almost all the time and it had us emerging from our flights slightly less tired than otherwise. We were able to get a comfortable night’s sleep with the headphones running noise cancellation throughout. And since the batteries run for easily more than 9 hours on a single charge, we had no problem keeping them running all through. Bose claims a battery life of 20 hours and a further 2.5 hours with a 15-min quick charge. We believe them. On a week-long trip, we had to only charge them once.

On the whole, the QC 35 II’s are an excellent companion if you travel a lot. It allows you to create a quiet little bubble for yourself wherever you are. It will also allow you to fill that little bubble with high-quality audio. Would we recommend it? Hell yes! If you can afford it, it should definitely part of your arsenal.

Price: Rs 29,363
Available at Bose stores and all major e-commerce platforms

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