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Review: GoPro Hero 6 Black 

Several generations ago, the GoPro Hero came out and revolutionised the way the world viewed action cameras. It was waterproof, shockproof and everything else proof. It reduced the amount of equipment we needed when out on shoots and that was a big, big deal. Over the years, GoPros have only gotten better and this here is the best to come out so far.

Say hello to the GoPro Hero 6 Black – the latest in the line of GoPros to set the action video scene on fire.
Let’s get the specs out of the way first. Resolution-wise, there isn’t a lot different from the Hero 5. The Hero 6 too, is a 12MP camera that shoots 4K. The difference is that the 6 can now shoot 4K at 60fps. It also uses the new GP1 chip to deliver better image and video quality. It also uses new stabilisation tech to create one of the most stable GoPros yet and a new HDR mode as well as a new (digital) zoom function. Aside from that, most features are similar to the 5 – it is Karma compatible, has voice control, has GPS and is waterproof as well.

We’ve been using the Hero 6 Black for a while now along with the Hero 5 Black and we must say that the difference is quite a bit. Firstly, the image stabilisation is much more advanced than the 5. You see the 5 was good, but the 6 is bringing stabilisation to near Karma levels. We were running the 6 off a wrist mount on some off-road trails on the motorcycle and most other cameras have given us footage that has been unusable because of the amount of shaking in the picture. The 6 though, gave us usable footage whenever we managed to get the frame right. And if you are wearing it on a more stable mount, like a Chesty, then no amount of jumps, whoops and crashes could destabilise the footage. Almost all the footage you see from the Himalayan Odyssey on our YouTube channel is off the Hero 6 Black.

GoPro 2

Another big difference between the 5 and the 6 is the colour quality. The new Hero 6 Black is giving us better, richer colours when compared to the older camera, the videos are also clearer, especially in low light when the camera manages to pull out details with minimal noise. The colours are more vibrant too and it makes the footage from the 5 seem a little desaturated in comparison. This applies to the images too.

Despite having the same resolution as the 5, the Hero 6 Black is delivering better image quality. Just like in video, the images too are better coloured, have less noise and are clearer overall. In fact, the images off the 6 tend to not lose quality when you blow them up and edit for social media use. We should also mention that the Protune function that has been carried forward from the 5 is a real blessing when you want to capture some motion blur.

The action camera game has come a long way in the past decade. But GoPro somehow has managed to remain the pioneer in the field and that holds true for the Hero 6 Black too. We’ve been so impressed with the camera that we’ve actually been considering using it as our primary camera everywhere we go. Well, for most basic, social media stuff at least. If you like, documenting your shenanigans on a motorcycle or anywhere else for that matter – the Hero 6 Black is a must-have.
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