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One of the biggest challenges on a motorcycle is storing camera equipment. No, not the GoPro sort. I’m talking about a proper camera with detachable lenses. Sure, you could carry a weatherproof camera bag strapped to your shoulders, but it doesn’t take long to notice that it is hanging on to you and has become a pain in your backside. No, not that back. But then I came upon the Rynox Expedition Trail Bag. It is large enough to take my camera bag and promises to be fully waterproof. What’s even better? It straps on to the bike using four straps (you can adjust the length according to your motorcycle seat height) and you are set to go. To make this even simpler, the straps connect to the mounts on the trail bag using clips to make for the simplest transition, when you need to get it off the bike.

A roll top closure system at the top of the bag ensures a weatherproof seal. This was good enough to keep even the dreaded fesh-fesh, from the gnarliest stages at the Dakar rally in Peru, out. The flap that goes over the top serves as little more than a styling exercise though. You also get a little zippered pocket on the side to store a couple of spanners, if need be. While you are off the bike, you can hook on the shoulder straps to use it like a normal bag as well. However, it is the ease of getting it on and off the bike using the clips and the superb weather protection that makes me reach for this trail bag for every ride now. Especially ones where I need guaranteed protection for the camera. And at `3,850 the Rynox Expedition Trail Bag is a steal.



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