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This is VW’s 503bhp GTI Supersport

After Tanner Foust revealed his 900bhp drift-Passat last week, another bonkers VW has landed. This one, however, is not real for now. It's Volkswagen's latest addition to Gran Turismo 6's virtual concept car showcase: Vision GT.

As part of the legendary series' 15th birthday celebrations, GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi asked manufacturers to come up with concepts embodying the spirit of Gran Turismo. So far we've seen offering from manufacturers as diverse as Aston Martin, Alpine, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.

The GTI Supersport Vision Gran Turismo is the latest addition to the roster, available for players to buy after downloading the latest GT6 update. Building on VW's first Vision GT creation, last year's GTI Roadster, the Supersport adds a roof to become, in effect, an extreme version of the Golf GTI, iconic red pinstripe and all.

And extreme it is. The bodywork of the GTI Supersport makes for a concept car with serious track intent, perfect for virtual hooning. The wide, aggressive aero at the front of the car creates a front end not only mean looking, but capable of generating some serious virtual grip. The airstream also piles into the wheel-arches to virtually cool down the brakes.

At the back, the ultra-wide track is emphasised by the equally extreme rear aero, a huge rear wing rooted into the C-pillar. The cavernous diffuser is equally as imposing, while the Supersport sits on the same 20-inch alloy wheels as the GTI Roadster from which it evolved.

Hiding underneath all the aerodynamic trickery is a 503bhp VR6 engine mated to a seven-speed DSG, which plants all that virtual horsepower to the track via VW's ‘4Motion' all-wheel drive system. With 565Nm of torque is on tap, the Supersport does 0-100 in 3.6 seconds and flies past 299kph at the top end. It tips the virtual scales at just over 1200kg thanks to plenty of carbon fibre.

The Supersport takes clear inspiration from the 500bhp Design Vision super-Golf VW brought along to please the enthusiasts at the annual Worthersee meeting in 2013: the taillight blades, flared arches and floating buttresses sweeping upwards into the rear of the car all hark back to that 500bhp concept.

Given that last year the Volkswagen faithful were treated to seeing a real-life version of the GTI Roadster, and half the job is already done for the Supersport, don't be surprised if it turns up in non-computerised form for the 2015 Worthersee meet next month...


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