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There’s something to be said about the appeal of masochism. At least that’s what the Trials series brings out in you. Time and again games like this one make you want to smash your controller into the TV in rage, but instead, you’ll just hit retry. It’s like enjoying getting slapped repeatedly.

Trials Fusion doesn’t really change anything fundamentally. You’re still controlling a bike on a two-dimensional playing field sprinkled with all kinds of obstacles. Your controls are still limited to accelerating, braking, flipping forward or backward, and a bunch of stunt modifiers to show-off with – in case you’re a super-skilled double-jointed freak.

What has changed here is the scenario. This post-apocalyptic world looks absolutely breathtaking, and this time the storyline (a term we use in the loosest way), is actually enjoyable. Right from the super-cheesy theme song to Portal’s GLaDOS-inspired voice-over, spins a great yarn to keep your ears busy while the rest of you is squirming not to lose balance and crash. Levels seem straight out of an 80’s sci-fi fantasy that’s ingeniously overlaid with a track design that will blow your mind.

But there’s very little opportunity for you to stop and smell the proverbial flowers. With your bike constantly being pushed to the edge with jumps, trick landings and some serious balancing techniques, you can’t afford to take your eye off your rider. But finish a level, and in true Trials style, you will be visually rewarded with your rider plummeting to his doom in the most entertaining fashion – a reward that seldom gets old.

Make no mistake, Trials Fusion is a brutally challenging game, and getting a gold medal is no cake-walk. But you will improve the more you play it, and you will feel the glory once you earn that gold. You’ll go through many shades of anger and frustration, but you will carry on. And that’s what makes this game our choice of the season.

Available on: PS4; Rs 3,340,

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