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30 April 2012

Suzuki Swish road test

Fully equipped for comfortable commutes

Abhinav Mishra
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This is Suzuki’s first attempt in the youth centric market where the Honda Dio is the undisputed champion. Suzuki, a fairly new player in the gearless two-wheeler market, has tasted some success with the Access. Based on the same Access platform is the Swish.

Unlike the Access, which is more of a commuter centric vehicle, the Swish, with its sporty styling and bright colours is more for the college going crowd. Adding to the sports quotient is a two-tone colour option that adds a lot of flair to the already sporty styling of the Swish. In fact, we would like to see more scooter-makers offer some funky decals and two-tone paint jobs that add more style, without adding any extra cost to the buyer. Sadly, Suzuki only offers this two-tone colour in a combination of blue and black.

But it's not all style with the Swish, there is an impressive specification list to go with it too. The 125cc motor is a direct carry over from the Access. The power rating comes in at 8.5bhp which is similar to most bikes in this segment but the Swish unwinds torque at 9.8Nm. The higher torque does give the Swish a better initial pickup.

With such numbers the Swish can surely contend for the sportiest scooter in India title. And trust us, this is a scooter which does not only impress on paper, it is quick in the real world too.

Considering that most of the Swish’s trips will be for short commutes, like college, coffee shop or the local mall, the engine seems quite adequate. Most of our shopping trips which involve the scooter to lug back a whole lot of shopping bags and a pillion rider will be no trouble here. The ride is smooth and even if there are potholes, the Swish will swallow most of them.

The soft seat, the riding position all make the Swish a better scooter over long distances, and the larger frame also adds to a very useful large boot. You can even leave your full-faced helmet in there.

Add to this a company claimed figure of 50kpl, and its Rs 55 thousand (on-road Mumbai) price and we think the Swish ticks all the right boxes for a prospective buyer.

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