They are going places and taking India to the world and all that. But the cars are still not what you'd call international. A favourite with fleet taxis and people who want low costs above everything else. Borrowing from Jag and LR should take them to the next level.

  • Aria

    Big bully of an MPV. Nice engine and lots of gizmos to keep you interested.

  • Bolt

    Tata’s second offering from the Horizonext strategy is about to hit the market

  • Indica eV2

    The Indica has more than delivered on the 'more car per car' promise. If only it were more refined.

  • Indigo eCS

    The smallest sedan in the market is more like a hatch with a boot.

  • Indigo Manza

    It gets the quality and the feel Tata should have had when they began making cars. Still not great, but at least a start.

  • Nano


    Of the people, for the people, by the people.

  • Safari Storme

    Big, heavy, ponderous and somehow likable. Colossal comfort, great off-road ability.

  • Sumo

    The Victa's like a 40-year old actor trying to play a college-going bloke.

  • Sumo Grande

    Utilitarian Sumo knocks hard on the upmarket SUV doors. Really hard.

  • Vista

    A huge leap in the life of an Indica. A completely new platform offering more space and refined new engines to go with it.

  • Xenon

    The most stylish car to come out of Tata ever, but that's it.

  • Zest

    The pioneers of compact sedan in India, Tata Motors readies its new-age Zest. And it’s quite an impressive one