After testing the waters with the Jetta and Passat, VW is firing with all its guns with the Polo and the Vento. Still not the first choice for a market driven on value. The problem is, for every VW out here, there is a cheaper, better Skoda.

  • Jetta

    Unlike the predecessor, this new car does not seem like it was carved out of a Golf and a Passat. Instead it looks like the proportionate whole that VW had set out to make it.

  • Passat

    A slightly poorer man's A4? The slightly richer man's Laura? Whatever, it's classy and well built.

  • Phaeton

    Another big luxury saloon without the snob value. Understated luxury at its finest, if you can live with the VW badge.

  • Polo

    Smart, sophisticated, German. Sticks to all the norms and is affordable too. no excitement on offer.

  • Touareg

    One of the most honest SUVs on the market that's capable and refined.

  • Vento

    Fantastic value for a VW sedan; tarmac-smothering ride and still a great looker.