The Swedes know no other way other than sedate, safe cars. The all-wheel-drive S80 and XC90 are very good cars. But doesn't make a strong alternative to Merc or BMW because Volvo still imports cars, rather than show serious intent by manufacturing them here.

  • S60


    Looks sharp, drives fast, and is so safe, it'll apply the brakes if you don't

  • S80

    Stealth luxury car that promises top-flight comfort and safety, and decent dynamics. At a great price.

  • S90

  • V40

    Volvo’s latest creates a new segment, takes the company from Swede safe to Swede sporty

  • XC60

    It seems to have cracked the soft roader code. If you're competition, disassemble this Volvo and take notes.

  • XC90

    Large, practical SUV that's very much at home on tarmac, and reasonably priced for what you get.