Have made a name out of manufacturing fast bikes. Great products, but dealer network not good enough to back them up.

  • Alpha

    This time, its a family scooter from Yamaha that wants to woo both the sexes

  • Fascino

    Style, bulletproof reliability and an efficient motor at a reasonable price.

  • Fazer

    Purely a commuter. Surprisingly a good handler and has a refined engine. Perhaps failed to take off, as expectations were too high after RX.

  • FZ

    Boldest of the 150cc lot with tyres to chew and spit out the competition. If a bit cheaper we would've recommended you buy two of them.

  • FZ1

    Street fighter looks and performance to go with it. Will give you all the thrills of a litre class bike but will be easy to ride around the city as well.

  • MT-01

    Like 'em hot and naked? This is one of the most brutal ones out there. But you'd want to ride it fully clothed.

  • Ray

    Yamaha says its latest scooter is targeted solely at female buyers.

  • SS125

    Another delicious product from the Yamaha stable. We'll have to see whether even this one is a victim of buyer ignorance.

  • SZ

    Cheaper alternative to FZ-16, cuts down on essentials like disc brakes and pass beam.

  • V-Max

    Welcome to the world of muscle biking. Be ready for some seriously fast acceleration, and hope no one is crossing while you are at it.

  • YBR

    Entry level sub-110cc from Yamaha. Yes the badging might say it's a 110cc bike but it's an Alba clone.

  • YZF-R1

    Want to be like Rossi? Well, you can start with at least looking like him on a Yamaha.

  • YZF-R15 v2.0

    Same old R15 tweaked for better performance. Though no power upgrade will put off a few people.