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Review: Yamaha FZ-S 2.0 FI

Driven July 2014

Review: Yamaha FZ-S 2.0 FI

It’s been a long time coming but Yamaha has finally updated the FZ motorcycle – labeled the FZ Version 2.0. A huge chunk of the update is cosmetic. Starting with the front headlight, which has been given an angular design. The muscular fuel tank has remained untouched, and so has the 140/60 rear tyre. The most distinctive part of the new FZ series is the redesigned rear tail-light and exhaust system.

Looking at the news FZ-S’s spec sheet we can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. The engine has shrunk to 149cc (from 153cc) and power has also taken dip by a unit to 13bhp and 12.8Nm torque. So has Yamaha turned its streetfighter to a somber commuter bike? Absolutely not.

Yes, the specs do paint a grave picture, but ride the FZ-S a few feet and the reservation about low power are left behind. The engine gets an all new fuel-injection system that replaces the conventional carbureted system. This makes the FZ v2.0 a refined animal on the street.

The FZ-S is all about mid-range performance and this makes the FZ-S fun to ride in the city. On the highway it can coast at speeds of 70-80kph with ease. On an open stretch of road the FZ-S clocked an indicated top speed of 116kph. The transmission is precise and we never hit a false gear. What we didn’t like about the FZ-S is the lack of a rear disc brake option. The FZ-S builds up speed fast and the rear drum brake lacks bite.

Like the earlier FZ, the suspension setup on the 2.0 is on the stiffer side. This means stability is good and the bike feels planted at triple digit speeds. It also give the rider enough confidence to enter corners at higher speeds. Though the stiff suspension setup also mean the ride is a bit harsh on broken roads.

What impressed us most about this bike is the high efficiency figure. On our 150km highway run, the FZ-S 2.0 returned an average of 49.6kpl. Which should be something that FZ owners will appreciate most.

The base FZ is priced at Rs 76,000 while the FZ-S costs Rs 78,000, both ex-showroom Delhi. With an aggressive price tag and high fuel economy we don’t think Yamaha should have any problem as far as  FZ sales figures go.

The numbers
1-cyl, 149cc, fuel-injected, 13bhp, 12.8Nm torque, 5M, top speed: 108kph, 49.6kpl, Rs 78,000 (ex-Delhi)

The verdict
Strong performer in the 150cc segment gets a proper upgrade, impressive fuel economy and refinement with an aggressive price tag.

Abhinav Mishra

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