Webber takes British Grand Prix with late pass…

Posted on: July 9th, 2012

Brit F1

Did we see this afternoon the first round in the fight for this year’s World Championship? Fernando Alonso vs Mark Webber anyone? From where we were sitting that’s how it looked. There really wasn’t anyone else in this race. What with trying to get out of the car park, Wimbledon and a sudden and unexpected bout of sun-stroke, we’re a little discombobulated here after our outing. This much we do know, or think we know. Be sure to tell us if you agree…

Red Bull and Ferrari have the two fastest cars in F1 right now. That’s impressive and remarkable because at the start of the season they didn’t. After today and what happened two weeks ago in Valencia, that seems pretty unarguable. After that we reckon it’s the Lotus and then the Mercedes.

It did after all finish Red Bull (Webber), Ferrari (Alonso), Red Bull (a weirdly lonely Sebastian Vettel), Ferrari (Massa, in an awful lot better form, but still nowhere near his team-mate), Lotus, Lotus (Raikkonen ahead of Grosjean) and Mercedes (Schumacher — and damn the sunshine for not giving the old boy a chance).

That’s the top seven. Eighth and more than half a minute behind was Lewis Hamilton. Jenson Button tenth and 44secs behind. It was a not an afternoon for team GB, was it? Jenson and Lewis were just outclassed, but unlike this afternoon’s other noble loser, at least have something to blame; the McLaren MP4-27, as we have said before, marks a new departure for McLaren as the only car they have ever built that started off fast and with development, got slower. There is a major problem in Woking. Not good in a month when you’re trying to negotiate your superstar driver’s new contract.

Much else to discuss once we’ve sat down and have a think. A great drive from Bruno Senna but another shocker from team-mate Maldonado. And we’re hearing of a whopping fine for Kamui Kobayashi for mowing down his pit crew – as if the poor little guy didn’t feel bad enough already.

And mixed news from the car parks. We got away relatively unscathed, but only by luck. We’ll be looking out for your news below and via Twitter @BBC_TopGear with the hashtag #tgBritGP. Silverstone got very lucky with the weather today, but on balance we reckon they should not be allowed to duck the bullet altogether…

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