Ford Service Extravaganza

Posted on: December 26th, 2012

The Fiesta Movement Officially Arrives

Ford in Malaysia recently launched the ‘Ford Service Extravaganza’ campaign, an after-sales promotion to reward Ford customers while encouraging safety on the road for the year-end school holidays and upcoming Christmas, New Year’s and Chinese New Year’s festivities.

Through 28 February 2013, Ford customers in Malaysia can enjoy a free 20-point health check on their vehicles and 10 percent discounts on all spare parts. These offers are open to current owners of all Ford vehicles – passenger and commercial.

Additionally, contest prizes in the form of Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablets and Garmin nüvi 50LM Portable GPS navigators are also up for grabs. Every Ford service centre customer with a minimum spend of RM200 in a single receipt will be entitled to one contest entry form, which they are required to complete a creative slogan in order to be entered into the running to win.

“Ensuring that our customers stay safe on the road is of paramount importance to Ford, which is why we invest so much on smart and safe technologies across all of our vehicles,” said Patrick O’Neill, parts and service regional manager, Asia Pacific, Ford Export & Growth Operations.

“Campaigns such as the ‘Ford Service Extravaganza’ promotion are how Ford goes further in our promise to better serve customers. As Ford owners prepare to travel for their vacations during the holidays and upcoming festive season, they can take advantage of this promotion to ensure their vehicles are in tip-top condition,” he added.

When purchasing a vehicle, Ford customers consider safety a premium requirement in their decision making process, especially where families are concerned. Ford vehicles are equipped with class-leading safety features and technologies that help provide the highest standards of occupant and road safety.

During the festive season, the number of people taking to the road increases significantly as people travel for vacations or head home to celebrate with family and friends. And with the northeast monsoons expected to continue until March 2013, driving in the rain can pose additional dangers. To help navigate busy and wet roads, Ford is providing some important driving tips for travellers.


Ford’s Top Safe Driving Advice:

(1)      Check your car carefully before travelling. Brakes, steering, fluid levels, tire pressure and tread depth should be checked so that your vehicle is ready to deal with heavy traffic on the highway, especially in a downpour.

 (2)      Keep a good emergency kit in your car. Taking a few steps in advance can save you time, emergency service costs and help to avoid stress in case of a breakdown. The kit should meet your individual needs and be equipped with a spare tire, a torch, fuses, an air pump, water, first aid supplies and other items to attract or provide help

 (3)      Make sure that your wipers are in good condition and functioning properly. If the wiper blades are brittle or damaged, replace them before the rains begin.

 (4)      Have your seat belts fastened at all times. There is simply no substitute. Seat belts significantly reduce serious injuries or even death. Make sure that you and everyone in your car has their seat belts fastened at all times.

(5)      Drive carefully! Pay close attention to your speed. Driving at high speeds is absolutely unnecessary. During monsoon season the rain can create a thin sheet of water between the tires and the road, a condition where the driver can more easily lose control.

 (6)      Turn on the headlights. When driving in rain or low-light situations like late evenings or dusk, switch on your headlights. It will increase your visibility and allow other drivers to see you from a distance.

 (7)      Maintain a safe distance between any vehicles travelling ahead of you. This is a good habit to observe especially when the road surface is wet, you will need more time and distance to react to a hazard.

Be especially careful not to follow closely behind large buses or trucks: the spray thrown off by their rear wheels could impair your vision. Also, Malaysian drivers have the bad habit of switching on their hazard lights when driving in heavy rain. Be equally wary of such vehicles, especially in the fast lane, as they could actually be stationary due to an accident or vehicle malfunctions.

 (8)      Always be alert for stop signs or obstacles blocking the road. If water is pooling on the road, remember never to drive through a flood, especially in an area that you may be unfamiliar with: turn back and look for another route.

 (9)      Plan your route and be aware of conditionsRegardless of whether you have a set destination or route in mind, a little knowledge of the route and conditions you might encounter can go a long way towards ensuring a safe and pleasant journey. Also, keep up with traffic reports so you can plan your journey better. During the festive season, major highways often provide a travel time schedule for drivers in efforts to control heavy traffic situations.

 (10)    Don’t go on the road tired. If you’re feeling tired, delay your journey or switch driving turns with someone else. If already on the road, pull up at the next rest stop and take a nap.

Alternatively, you can always log on to for further information on this special campaign.

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