Goodbye four eyes part 2

Posted on: January 7th, 2013

Mercedes-Benz E 500 Coupé mit AMG Sportpaket, (C 207), 2012, E

Just some weeks ago, Mercedes-Benz revealed the face-lifted E-class Saloon and Estate, which now features single piece full-LED headlights as opposed to the signature pair of twin pieces. To keep the “twin-headlamps” look though, the headlights are fitted with curved LED bars for that. The front grille is now bolder and sharper with a bigger “three-pointed star” logo with a thick single-line bar that hold it together. Such treatment was first found on the super car SLS AMG, which then become a fixture that is also available gradually across the range, even the A-class.


Mercedes-Benz E 500 Coupé mit AMG Sportpaket, (C 207), 2012


For this E-coupe/E-cabrio variants, the whole face is also sharper and notably more angular, with a prominent X-silhouette and aggressive air-intakes, also seen in the A-class and E-class saloon/estate. This is obviously to set it apart as the sportier variant from the more sedate and conservative E saloon/estate. As for the rear section, the light clusters are now revised LED bars too, and the lower rear bumper now has integrated rectangular exhaust tips. However, while the E-saloon/E-estate has lost the humped rear wheel arches, the two-door variants retain them, which is a good move as they fit the coupe/cabrio form more naturally.


Mercedes-Benz E 350 BLUETEC Cabriolet mit Sportpaket, (A 207), 2


The inside also receive some tweaks including better plastics and and a fascia that can be done in dual-tone color palette which is also a part of the personalization option that is offered along. For the cabriolet, optional features will be the AIRSCARF seats that employs neck-level vents that blow warm air to your neck and AIRCAP that reduces wind swirl and also wind noise, promising a comfortable and quiet ride even with the roof down.


Mercedes-Benz E 350 BLUETEC Cabriolet mit Sportpaket, (A 207), 2


Engine range will follow the ones powering the E saloon/estate. Petrol variants will be available with 2.oL turbocharged four-cylinder BlueDIRECT engine with two different outputs, 181 hp for E200 and 208 hp for E250. Completing the BLUEDirect engine range, there is the E350 with 302 hp 3.5L V6 and a more powerful 402 hp twin-turbocharged 4.6L V8 in E500. There is also a brand new six-cylinder engine in the line up, with a twin-turbocharged set up and will be featured in the upcoming E400.

The oil-burners will get the same 2.1L four-cylinder BlueTEC turbodiesel with three different outputs, from 134 hp in E200 CDI, 168 hp in E220 CDI and 201 hp in E250 CDI. The diesel range-topper is available in a form of E350 CDI with 265 hp. All engines will be mated to a choice of six-speed manual and a revised 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmissions, and all engines are available with ECO start/stop system.

As for the AMG version, it will be launched during fall and if the normal E-coupe/E-cabriolet looks this good, the AMG-fettled will be even better.

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