Sennheiser U 320

Posted on: January 11th, 2013


Great news for gamers out there! You have been tired with having to buy different headsets for different game devices/consoles to enjoy high end gaming sound, and it costs a lot too. But fret no more, as Sennheiser has come up with a multi-platform headset that can conquer all gaming platforms. Whether it is PS3, Mac, PC or XBOX 360, the U 320 delivers consistent great sound on all devices and a unique, comfortable design makes gamers enjoy the experience even more.




The average age for gamers today is 25 and ‘mature gamers’ play on console more than they play on PC. That is why Sennheiser created the U 320. When the kids or ‘immature gamers’ are taking one console/device, they can just plug the headset into the other consoles/devices and enjoy their time alone without disturbing others.

The U 320 is born out of Sennheiser’s 65-year experience pursuing the perfect sound, and is designed to emphasize the various types of distinctive gaming sounds. The sound spectrum of the U 320 is superbly amplified, befitting the legendary Sennheiser sound, where the bass boost is easily adjusted to fit your need for clear explosions, crashes or background music.

The U 320 is wearable for as long as the gamer wants to enjoy the getaway from everyday life, thanks to great comfort. The open-acoustic design helps keep a cool head, and the soft-padded unique CircleFlex design ensures that the ear pads adjust automatically, making the game experience a comfortable thrill.




The U 320 ensures the best conditions for enjoying your favorite game. We have worked hard to develop a consistent sound, regardless of the platform and believe the that our efforts will contribute to players everywhere in enjoying a better sound experience, ” says Product Manager Christian Ern of Sennheiser Communications.

The pro noise-cancelling microphone reduces ambient noise for crystal-clear conversations with fellow players and friends, which allows the player to mute the microphone by simply raising the boom arm. Adjusting the dual volume control on the cable is just as easy and the side tone switch monitors the voice while playing.

And just like the rest of Sennheiser’s productss, the U 320 is built to last. Therefore, it comes with Sennheiser’s two-year worldwide warranty.

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