Pioneer 2013 line-up

Posted on: January 31st, 2013


Multimedia Receivers

Pioneer has expanded its Multimedia receiver line-up led by the AVH-X8550BT followed by AVH-X5550BT, AVH-X4550DVD, AVH-X2550BT and AVH-X1550DVD. Featuring compatible applications over 20 major smartphone models running on the latest Apple iOS and Android OS, the AVH-X8550BT delivers a game-changing technologies that can transform a car into a “connected car” and re-invent driving experience.

One major feature on the connectivity is the new AppRadio Mode, a system which supports Android OS and the latest Apple device/OS (incl. iPhone 5 and iOS6), that enables users to view and control compatible smartphone applications directly onto the 7” WVGA touch screen for the AVH-X8550BT and AVH-X5550BT. The system allows users to access their library of music and videos through the Car MediaPlayer application, as well as navigation apps such as Waze and Extra Mile.






The AVH-X8550BT is particularly equipped with Advanced Display Resolution that optimizes pixel resolution for the highest quality and clarity possible. It also supports an expanded list of HD video formats including DivX, h.264, WMV and HD. It also has dual zone support, where separate media can be played on the front dash screen and the headrest’s displays. Another feature is called the MIXTRAX software that enables user to create their own music libraries/playlists and it’s also sync-able to their smartphones devices like the iPhone.

Other than that, they also feature graphical user interface (GUI) that sports functional features, including a shortcut for media source, with possible selections displayed in large fonts for convenient access anytime. The Multimedia receivers also come with a multi-language interface of English, Chinese (Simplified), Thai and Bahasa Indonesia.

The Pioneer AVH-X8550BT will be available soon and AVH-X5550BT (RM 2,688), AVH-X4550DVD (RM 2,388), AVH-X2550BT (RM 1,988), AVH-X1550DVD (RM 1,788).

CD Receivers

Pioneer also introduced a new range of receivers comprising of 11 new units. The new range consists of:

1)    Double DIN: FH-X755BT and FH-X555UI
2)    Single DIN: DEH-X9550BT, DEH-X9550SD, DEH-X7550SD, DEH-X3550UI, DEH-4550BT, DEH-2550UI, DEH-1550UB and DEH-155MP
3)    Mecha Free:  MVH-155UI

The new receivers offer drivers an integrated voice-activation for their music selection. Tapping on the voice recognition function for iPhone 4/4S, drivers can now rely on their in-car CD receiver to deliver instructions in the car to make a call or select a music track, making the driving experience a seamless yet enjoyable one.



All compatible units are also equipped with App Mode that allows users to view compatible application-based content on the CD receiver’s display. Drivers get to access the music source directly from their CD receiver to enjoy the audio-streaming applications from an iPhone or iPod.

The new line also sports partial compatibility with Android phones and Android phone users can now look forward to listening to their favorite songs stored in their mobile phones through the CarMediaPlayer application.



Also available is the MIXTRAX EZ technology, which is an evolution of the MIXTRAX that enables users to create their playlists for the “clubbing” feel brought into the car. Also thrown into the mix is a 5-Band Graphic Equalizer where users can adjust the sound mood.

The Pioneer CD Receivers are priced accordingly: FH-X755BT (RM 899), FH-X555UI (RM 799), DEH-X9550BT (RM 998), DEH-X9550SD (RM 838), DEH-X7550SD (RM 738), DEH-X3550UI (RM 598), DEH-4550BT (RM 598), DEH-2550UI (RM 538), DEH-1550UB (RM 498), DEH-155MP (RM 298) and MVH-155UI (RM 258).

Amplifiers and Speakers

Other than the two above, Pioneer also launched the “GM Digital” series Class-D car amplifiers, consisting of the GM-D8604 4-channel model and GM-D9601 and GM-D8601 mono models. The four-channel GM-D8604 and the mono-channel GM-D9601 and GM-D8601 use Class-D circuitry for a significant increase in efficiency.



The amplifiers are 1 Ohm capable for maximum compatibility and power output, and feature both variable low-pass and high-pass filters to finely tune connected full range speakers or subwoofers. An included bass boost remote on the GM-D9601 and GM-D8601 allows the user to increase bass output from the front seat, ideal for quickly adjusting the amplifiers to multiple types of music.

The circuit is fitted with a Protection Control System which senses its internal temperature and automatically adjusts the input level accordingly, resulting in greater reliability. In addition, block‑style terminals allow power and speaker cables to be securely connected to the amplifier.

Pioneer’s GM-D Series amplifiers are currently available in 3 models, each of which can be used independently or complementary to each other:

  • GM-D8604: 4-channel, RMS power output ranging from 100 to 150 Watts x 4
  • GM-D9601: mono-channel, RMS power output ranging from 500 to 1200 Watts
  • GM-D8601: mono-channel, RMS power output ranging from 300 to 800 Watts

Pioneer’s GM-D8604 (RM 1,399), GM-D9601 (RM 1,399) and GM-D8601 (RM 1,299) digital amplifiers are now available at Pioneer authorized dealers.

Meanwhile, Pioneer has re-energized the range of its A-series speakers. The A-series speaker range is now joined by the following seven additions: TS-A1605C, TS-A6995S, TS-A6985S, TS-A6975S, TS-A6965S, TS-A1685S and TS-A1675S.



An efficient Multilayer Mica Matrix cone design along with a more aggressive motor structure helps to deliver the ultimate listening experience at any volume level. In addition, the speakers’ diaphragms are made of top quality, rigid cone materials that are 30% less dense than before with thicker, fewer diaphragm filaments.

The Pioneer TS-A1605C (RM 698), TS-A6995S (RM 468), TS-A6985S (RM 438), TS-A6975S (RM 338), TS-A6965S (RM 298), TS-A1685S (RM 388) and TS-A1675S (RM 338).

Perfect Fit Navigation System

Joining the 2013 line-up is the Pioneer Perfect Fit systems, an advanced in-car AV receivers that integrate built-in GPS navigation with 5.1-channel in-car entertainment for realistic surround sound without messy cabling. The following new models join the Perfect Fit series: AVIC-F7121 (For Volkswagen Polo), AVIC-F7200 (For Toyota, Honda and other 2 DIN cars), AVIC-F7111 (For Toyota Camry from year 2007 until 2011) and AVIC-F7202D (customized for 2012 Toyota Camry). The AVIC-F7200 come with 6.2” wide VGA Touch Panel Display, while the AVIC-F7121, AVIC-F7202D and AVIC-F7111 come with 7” wide VGA Touch Panel Display.




The new Perfect Fit system has a built in Papago GPS Navigator (version X8.5) that has 3D and split-screen function, built-in 5.1-Channel with Dolby Digital Decoder, Bluetooth-streaming connectivity and multilingual functions in English and Chinese.

The Pioneer AVIC-F7121 (RM 2,999), AVIC-F7200 (RM 2,399), AVIC-F7111 (RM 2,599) and AVIC-F7202D (RM 2,999) are now available at Pioneer authorized dealers.

All units are available at all Pioneer authorized dealers (unless stated). For more information about Pioneer Car Entertainment products, please visit

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