Off to a fresh start

Posted on: February 25th, 2013


It would seem Volvo is finally getting around to throwing all of Ford’s things out of the apartment. According to reports, the Swedish automaker is preparing to unleash a range of new engines as well as a fresh platform designed entirely in house.


The power plants include an all-new four-cylinder engine set to bow before the end of this year before arriving in the US by 2014. Shortly thereafter, the world should get its first glimpse at the next-generation XC60, which will the company’s first model to make use of the Volvo’s “Scalable Platform Architecture” (SPA). We can expect to see that machine for an early 2015 revealing.

The next V70 and S80 will also use the SPA, though those models will carry V90 and S90 designations when they hit dealer floors. However, Volvo has no complete intention to wean itself off of Ford technology. The V40 hatchback, for example, will continue to ride on Ford bones until the model’s next chassis can be co-developed between Volvo and its new Chinese parent company, Geely.

Meanwhile, Volvo continues to suffer slow sales as a result of Europe’s economic crisis. Volvo was forced to cut some 1,100 jobs in the EU last year and January saw sales slide by some 18 percent.

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