BMW launches two-wheeled duo

Posted on: March 19th, 2013

The New BMW F 800 GS (2)

BMW Group Malaysia has expanded its stable of Motorrad motorcycles with the launch the new F 700 GS and the enhanced F 800 GS Enduros.

The F 700 GS, which replaces the outgoing F 650 GS, is primarily an off-road capable bike which can even be ridden by those without much technical expertise in going off-road on two wheels according to BMW.

Meanwhile, the F 800 GS delivers a balance of versatility on and off the road. In its updated form, the bike features a redesigned beak placed above the mudguard and a classic BMW GS hallmark which doubly acts as a splash guard.

The New BMW F 700 GS (1) [1600x1200]

Despite the different target audiences, the F 700 GS and F 800 GS share the same 798cc liquid-cooled 4-valve 2-cylinder engine. This powerplant puts out 77Nm at 5,300rpm in the F 700 GS. The F 800 GS’ output remains smooth, with a maximum of 85 horses delivered at 7,500rpm and torque peaking at 83Nm at 5,750rpm.

Safety features listed on both models’ spec sheet as standard include ABS, ASC (Automatic Stablity Control) and ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment. Other features include smoke grey glass covers on the turn indicators, rear LED light, smaller BMW Motorrad switches and slimmer seat and front structures.

BMW Motorrad has ensured that the F 700 GS and F 800 GS can cater to bikers of all preferences with a wide range of optional adjustments on the hand levers for the front brake and clutch as well as wide vibration damping footrests with removable rubber tops to generate smooth handling for a comfortable ride.

The New BMW F 800 GS (1) [1600x1200]

The BMW F 700 GS retails for RM79,800 while the F 800 GS goes for RM89,800. All prices are on the road without insurance.

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