A Malaysian first – the Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Posted on: March 21st, 2013

i-MiEV ready for sale to the Malaysian market

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia stamped its name in the history books today after officially launching the i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle), the first EV commercially sold in Malaysia.

The i-MiEV, which runs solely on electricity, derives power from a 330V battery which puts out 49kW of power and 180Nm of instantaneous torque. It can travel at speeds of up to 130kmph, with a maximum range of 150km.

The current EV infrastructure in Malaysia is still far from adequate for widespread EV use, with only two public charging stations in the heart of KL and Mitsubishi’s very own charging station in its SAG Star (Chan Sow Lin) 3S Centre. However, the i-MiEv can be charged at home via a regular 230V wall socket, taking eight hours to charge completely.

Mitsubishi however, have said that they will ensure all buyers have the necessities to charge the car at home. This means that Mitsubishi will not sell the i-MiEV to individuals living in condominiums whereby the management will not cater to providing a charging socket.

Because it has no engine displacement, the i-MiEV is rated for tax by JPJ via its output equivalent as compared to a vehicle running on a combustion engine. As a result, the road tax for the i-MiEV is a lowly RM10 a year. Insurance companies categorise the i-MiEV as a 660cc-equivalent vehicle.

Being fully electric, the i-MiEV displaces virtually 0g/km in CO2 emissions. In terms of economy, a full charge costs RM3.49 as per current electricity tariffs – that’s about RM3.50 per 150km, which is around 80km/l by today’s fuel prices (RM1.90 per litre).

From L-R Directors of SAG Star (Chan Sow Lin) Mr. Adam Khan, En. Zulkifli, Mr. Justin See and CEO of MMM Mr. Tetsuya Oda charging the i-MiEV during the official launch [1600x1200]

Apart from its unique electric drivetrain, the i-MiEV is also well equipped as a car in general. Standard features include a 2-DIN touch screen entertainment system with GPS navigation, automatic climate control, leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob as well as a charging cable with a control box.

In terms of safety, the i-MiEV comes equipped with 6 airbags and Mitsubishi’s RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body construction. Attention to safety is also given to the batteries, which are placed in a waterproof battery pack enclosed in a well protected frame to shield it from impact and water.

The i-MiEV is priced at RM139,888 on the road with insurance. It comes with a five year or 100,000km warranty as well as five years of free maintenance, meaning there are no extra ownership costs after purchase apart from electricity bills racked up from charging.

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