Mazda6 officially launched

Posted on: March 21st, 2013


Bermaz Motor has officially introduced the new Mazda 6 to its stable. Three models are available in the range; the 2.0L sedan, 2.5L sedan, and 2.5L Touring Estate.

The 2.0L sedan’s SkyActiv-G petrol engine puts out 153hp and 200Nm of torque while the beefier unit in the 2.5L sedan and Touring churn out 185 horses and 250Nm. Mazda claims fuel consumption figures of 17.4 km per litre and 15.6 km per litre for the 2.0L and 2.5L SkyActiv-G engines respectively. Transmission comes in the form of a six-speed SkyActive-Drive automatic transmission.

DTG_2891 [1600x1200]

All models across the Mazda6 range are equipped with six airbags, automatic wipers, climate control, leather upholstery, cruise control, a TFT touch screen paired to a MP3, AUX, USB and Bluetooth enabled entertainment system, front and rear sensors with reverse camera and traction control among other features.

All variants also come with a start-stop system which Mazda calls i-Stop. Like start-stop systems which many other manufacturers have been using, albeit under different monikers, the engine shuts down once the brake is depressed till the car comes to a halt, and starts again once the brake is released to maximize fuel economy.

DTG_2915 [1600x1200]

Both the 2.5 models gain auto levelling bi-xenon headlamps, keyless entry, paddle shifts, a TomTom navigation unit and Mazda’s i-ELOOP regenerative braking technology, which eases the workload of the alternator by deriving kinetic energy from the brakes.

Features which are exclusive for the 2.5 Touring, which is actually 65mm shorter than the sedan at 4,800mm with a slightly shorter wheelbase, include a roof spoiler, boot roller blind and Karakuri tonneau cover. Both 2.5-litre variants ride on 19-inch alloys while the 2.0 gets 17-inchers instead.

DTG_2889 [1600x1200]

Prices for the Mazda6 2.0L Sedan, 2.5L Sedan and 2.5L Touring are RM159,455.50, RM189,728.40 and RM193,832.40 respectively. Figures quoted are on-the-road with insurance.

Find out what our editor had to say about the Mazda6 during a preview drive some time ago.

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