New V40 marks Volvo comeback

Posted on: August 28th, 2013


VOLVO CAR MALAYSIA surprised the public with the launch of their new hatchback, the all new V40 models.

Assembled in VCM’s assembly plant in Shah Alam, the company has invested in a high tech laser welding machine to ensure quality is maintained.

The V40 is a hatchback model that features modern safety features taken from the larger Volvo models. This is inline with the brand’s Vision 2020 mission – to ensure nobody is seriously injured or killed while traveling in a Volvo.

Playing in the C-Segment will also be the new Volkswagen Golf and the Mercedes-Benz A -Class, all valid and strong contenders.


Three variants are available for Malaysians, the RM173,888 V40 T4 with a 1.6-litre 4-inline turbocharged 180hp engine and a 6-speed Powershift gearbox, the RM173,888 V40 T5 with a 2-litre 5-inline turbocharged 213hp and a 6-speed Geartronic transmission and similarly engined V40 Cross Country FWD at RM198,888.

One of the new innovations available as standard on all the V40 variants will be the enhanced Blind-Spot Information System (BLIS) that swaps its camera based sensors to a better radar unit which can now “see” vehicles from 70 metres behind the car.

It is also smart enough to inform you whether the vehicle is still far away from your car or close by.

The other useful electronic aid will be the Cross Traffic Alert that actually scans the sides of the rear when you are reversing out from a car park. It should help if you are parked between huge vehicles.

City Safety is also available, and now is active up to 50 km/h.

6-Digital Instrument Cluster - Performance

For the T5 models, you get the Park Assist Pilot that autopark the car (parallel parking only).  T5 variants also get the 3-mode multi-info display or Adaptive Digital Display, where the instrument cluster changes according to the mode you desire -  Elegance, Eco and Performance.

While the T4 runs on 16-inch Matres alloy wheels, the T5 gets 17-inch Segomo alloys and the Cross Country comes with 17-inch Larenta wheels.

Performance wise, the T4 does 0-100 km/h in 8.5 seconds and top speed is at 225 km/h. The T5 does it in 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 230 km/h. The Cross Country also does the century dash in 6.9 seconds but with a slightly lower terminal velocity at 210 km/h.

Claimed fuel figures are 6.1L/100 for the T4, 7.5L/100km for the T5 and Cross Country (combined cycle).

All the V40 gets a 5-year warranty, 5-year free maintenance (parts and labour) and 5-year Volvo-On-Call service too.

According to Keith Scaher, the new Managing Director for VCM, Volvo intends to be class leading for hatchbacks in terms of dynamics and safety.

From our point of view, the V40 can even challenge the Japanese and other Continental D-segment offering, especially if space is not an issue.

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