Fuelled by fans, powered by PRIMAX

Posted on: December 11th, 2013


Winners of the PETRONAS FUELLED BY FANS, POWERED BY PRIMAX campaign, have been selected, which brings the exciting campaign to the next stage, where the five PETRONAS fans will be paired with a celebrity each for a series of challenges.

Joining the fans in the next stage of the contest are silver screen queen Maya Karin, action favourite Shaheizy Sam, DJ Yoon, Korean heartthrob Him Law and Taiwanese sensation Bii. With the aid of these celebrities, one of the five fans stand a chance to win prizes worth RM100,000.

Today, the five fans, alongside the five celebrities, will embark on a five-day journey flooded with challenges to reach the final prize. Each team is provided with a car and a survival kit, consisting of a pre-loaded Mesra Card. The Mesra card has a pre-determined amount of points which will be the sole method for contestants to purchase items, including food, as well as to fill up their cars at PETRONAS stations. If teams fail to plan properly, the points will run out fast for sure.

Should any of the contestants run low on points, fellow PETRONAS fans can help out by keeping in touch with the contestants’ social media portals as well as logging on to http://like2savefor.my/ for more ways on how they can help their favourite teams gain more points.

Alternatively, the plethora of challenges which the teams will be required to complete over the course of the journey will also give contestants opportunities to gain extra Mesra points which could help them go farther in the competition. It won’t be easy though. These challenges will test the physical and mental boundaries of the contestants, which, without teamwork between fan and celebrity, will be extremely difficult to overcome.

At the end of the day, it is not about who finishes first, but rather, who can go the farthest with the most Mesra points left over, making for a unique battle ground which will require plenty of strategizing from the contestants. Fan support is also crucial. You might just provide the difference which drives your favourite team to victory!

The FUELLED BY FANS, POWERED BY PRIMAX campaign is brought to you by PETRONAS. PRIMAX is specially designed to use fuel efficiently by producing a finer fuel spray, giving you smoother acceleration and a more economical drive. Now you can enjoy savings at every turn with a fuel that truly gives you more. So, what do you #Like2SaveFor?

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