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    The dead Stig

    Jeremy’s love affair with the Ford GT begins (if only he knew how it’d end). James hits the new BMW...

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    The unbreakable Hilux

    Fire, water and dropped caravans all fail to stop our indestructible Toyota Hilux. Also features a public information film about...

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    Clarkson tests the BMW M5

    He’s not too fired up by the ugly looks and scoffs at its reliance on technology. So it’s not looking...

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    Video: R shootout

    Two R-rated Hondas from radically opposite ends of the spectrum take to the track – the hard-as-nails hatchback Civic Type...

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  • Hilux still alive 2

    Jeremy tries to destroy a Toyota Hilux

    Classic TG moment as we try to prove that the Toyota Hilux is indestructible by subjecting it to every torture...

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  • C2

    Jeremy drives the Citroen C2 to a modified car event

    Using the new Citroen C2 as his entry point into the world of yoof culture, JC takes it to a...

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    Jeremy drives a Mazda RX-8

    Rotary-engined shenanigans as Jeremy takes a shine to the weird-looking Mazda with the suicide doors, and gives it a huge...

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    Martin Kemp in our Reasonably Priced Car

    Fresh from exiting EastEnders in a memorably fiery car-crash, Spandau Ballet’s former bass player talks Porsches and laps the track...

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    The still-alive Hilux

    Our indestructible Toyota survives being a building demolition, James drives a ’70s Aston, Jeremy goes on a cruise and Richard...

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    No money left

    With the series budget blown on the last eight episodes, the boys drive a few cars and invite Carol Vorderman...

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