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  • 1546304439_1684434557_250b21d0-edfd-47a1-952f-53f1b12e51e3

    Christian Slater drives our Reasonably Priced Car

    Hollywood A-lister looks particularly out of place in our ludicrously unsuitable little Liana, but check out how hard he tries...

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  • 1546304439_1856884604_98821a5a-1d30-403a-8b1c-e07666b1f4d3

    Clarkson drives the Land Rover Discovery

    Excited by the prospect of a new Land Rover Discovery, Jeremy sets himself the task of driving it to the...

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  • 1546304439_1856884620_bac50297-46ed-4318-bc7f-23d8d4994dbf

    Jeremy drives the dodge viper

    Jeremy attempts to drive a Land Rover Discovery up a Scottish mountain, while Richard floats away on Rinspeed’s hydrofoil car...

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  • 1546304439_1576809578_ac37db5a4f02e679cbbbc883d2477016500308e5

    The Atom

    James tests the very expensive BMW 1-Series, Richard tests the very powerful Mercedes G55 AMG and Jeremy tests out the...

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