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  • 1546304439_1846584947_65055d05-664e-4b50-b4f8-c78e318669ba

    Clarkson vs the Army

    Clarkson sets out to see which is better – the Porsche Boxster S or Mercedes SLK55 AMG – based on...

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  • 1546304439_1684434526_64a244b3-b6bb-4302-bf87-ca6e106ce785

    Hamster drives the new Maserati Grandsport

    The previous Maserati Grandsport left Jeremy wishing for more, Hammond drives the new one to see if it has improved....

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  • 1546304439_1846584972_f8f2d01c-2444-4b1f-80ee-06dd85439474

    Justin Hawkins in our Reasonably Priced Car

    A star turn from The Darkness frontman. He should be used to Suzukis – he learned to drive in the...

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  • 1546304439_1846584979_825c85d8-5e14-4cab-9912-ec011d14a3d3

    James and Jeremy race a boat and Mercedes SLR from Oslo to London

    One of TG’s classic big challenges – can JC complete the 1,320 miles to Oslo in a McLaren Mercedes SLR...

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  • 1546304439_1846585027_cb3f15da-2c2b-4040-a0c9-321da3200baf

    Jeremy tests the Wisemann MF3 and TVR Tuscan

    Jeremy has a punt in the really strange Weismann MF3, which he reckons is the Teutonic version of TVR. So...

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  • 1546304439_1846584950_e8c960b9-c61f-48fc-9940-a319f390343d

    The boys’ budget coupe challenge

    The challenge is on for the boys to find a good coupe for £1,500. Jeremy buys a Mitsubishi Starion, James...

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  • 1546304439_1684434552_9fbcbf45-4c06-4037-a7e1-c516a3e38005

    Tests: Maserati MC12

    A real left-field supercar, the MC12 is basically Maserati’s version of the Ferrari Enzo. But as JC admits, you need...

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  • 1546304439_1684434509_f9654918-af41-4d8d-94d0-1ef177eb9e41

    Hammond and May play car football with the Toyota Aygo

    Taking advantage of Toyota’s smallest, nippiest UK car, Richard and James get seriously juvenile, even by their standards, with a...

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