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  • 1546304439_1845359825_8117ccee-59a7-41d0-883f-cb8e8a5cf285

    The boys’ British Leyland Challenge

    To prove that 40 years of BL is worth celebrating, the boys shell out £1,200 for a BL classic and...

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  • 1546304439_1873049905_7e39e457-8252-43ed-842e-3c422e0cc361

    The boys race across London in a car, bike, tube and boat

    James tries to cross London by car, while Richard cycles and Jeremy goes by speedboat. The Stig meanwhile is having...

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  • 1546304439_1873048948_b3d7acc6-b70b-4f60-bcca-0ea7b1f44e7d-1887714716

    Jeremy and Richard test the Audi R8 and Porsche 997

    Jeremy gets all excited as Audi launches the first everyday supercar to challenge the 911 since the Honda NSX. Then...

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  • 1546304439_1846587543_9af22a85-f5e7-4ea4-880f-99889e8b61e4

    The boys find the world’s best driving road

    The boys head for Europe’s most astounding driving road with three lightweight supercars – the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Lambo...

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