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New engines part of the update. Prices now start from RM209k.
Watch the terrifying series designed for T-boning horror
We compare 1995, 2005 and 2015 fastest laps in search of answers
Alpina’s modified 5-Series gets tweaked 592bhp V8, and a big top speed
Watch many cars get smashy at the TCR International Macau GP
This 2-Series-based (we think) concept sedan is built for the yoof
LA Motor Show sees debut of GT4 ‘Clubsport’
Welcome the 'Volvo Concept 26': a concept car interior without the, um, car bit
Turbocharged, rear-drive two-seater lands in LA. Like the looks?
From an electric VW Phaeton to a new e-Bentley... Paul Horrell reports
"It is a serious car for serious drivers," says Lambo of RWD, 572bhp supercar
Brit Alastair Moffatt squeezes classic Mini in 34cm-longer space. Neat
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