Monte Carlo is a memory now and Argentina was cancelled but there's been plenty to keep me busy!

I've been involved in some serious media training with the Peugeot UK PR agency (I knew they'd pick something up!) and my new ride has arrived - a very swish black Peugeot (of course) RCZ! Very nice!!

I acquired a go-kart track in the North East of England close to home, recently, too and it's great for tarmac practice. I can see some serious abuse of practice sessions…

Peugeot UK are keen to keep me on top of my fitness regime, too, and have just sent me a nice glossy brochure of all their top notch bikes for me to pick from! Can't wait to start pedalling! Must run for now but keep checking this section to find out what Phil and I are up to between rallies this year and for more information about Peugeot and the 207!

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