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More details on Eterniti’s SUV
Posted on: September 5th, 2011

Stifle your sniggering at the back and pay attention: Eterniti Motors has announced a few more details on its upcoming Hemera 4×4, including that bird’s eye teaser, above.


Despite bearing a name that sounds like a disorder of your gentleman undercarriage, the Hemera is, according to its newly founded creator, “the world’s first Super SUV”. It will boast a limousine-esque rear cabin, with twin reclining seats, iPads and even a drinks chiller.


But it is also said to offer “4×4 ruggedness and dynamic performance”. Eterniti has maintained a vow of silence ahead of its Frankfurt reveal, but did say the chassis is based on the “best large SUV platform available”, completely rebuilt with a repackaged interior, carbon-composite body panels and “additional performance”.


If this sounds a little “yeah sure, and it’ll have 12 million horsepowers”, some actual facts have emerged: former F1 and Le Mans legend Johnny Herbert “will have an active involvement in developing Eterniti vehicles”, while the brains behind the Jaguar XJ220 – Alastair Macqueen – will lead the Hemera engineering team.


Expect a price tag somewhere north of £100,000, with deliveries expected at some point in 2012. We’ll bring you more details once it finally lands at Frankfurt. Until then, amuse yourself with some thoughts and words on whether this is exciting. And then expel such amusements in the handy space below.

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