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Smart Forvision concept revealed
Posted on: September 2nd, 2011

Smart is outlining its very green vision for the Fortwo’s replacement at this year’s Frankfurt motor show. It’s called the Smart Forvision concept. It’s electric. And it has plastic wheels.


The wheels are part of Smart’s slightly neurotic drive to replace heft with technology: it’s teamed up with auto chemical giant BASF to create lots of exciting new mass-conscious materials.


See more pics of the Smart Forvision concept here

The doors, which sport an intriguing crashed-into look, are made from carbon-fiber-reinforced epoxy resin, which drops weight by 50 per cent from the steel efforts. Then there’s the placcy rims, which save three kilograms per wheel and are currently being tested for production.


There’s some interesting paintwork, too. It reflects heat so the cabin doesn’t get too hot, keeping passengers from cranking up the air-con on a hot day. BASF reckon it’ll keep the car up to 20 degrees cooler on a hot day. The best bit? It’s feasible for production.


On top, there’s the concept-obligatory solar panel roof, though this one has a twist. The photovoltaic tiles are see-through, which means you get sunshine power and a panoramic lid.


As you’d imagine, the Forvision’s powered by the next-gen Smart electric drive system, which according to Daimler adds around 20 per cent to the current ‘lectric Smart’s range, upping it to 110 miles. We’ll have to wait till next year to check out the new ED system up close, though.


A pretty thorough little concept, then. Enjoying Smart’s new direction, TopGear.commists?

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