Enzo crashes into the ocean

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Respectful silence please... a tuned Ferrari has crashed into the Atlantic Ocean during a race.

Calgary-based car dealer Zahir Rana was racing a rare Ferrari Enzo in the Newfoundland Targa road race in Canada before he lost control on the gravel surface. Rana span the Edo-tuned Enzo 180 degrees before heading off into the ocean.

He and co-driver Roland Linder managed to escape from the drowned Ferrari without injury, with the car suffering light front bumper and wing damage. As well as being quite wet, obviously.

The Ferrari reportedly drifted back to shore before being lifted onto the back of a recovery vehicle.

When dry, this Edo Competition Enzo features an 840bhp V12 and is 100kg lighter than the ‘standard' Enzo. As such, it accelerates from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds, 0-124mph in nine and hits a 240mph top speed.

We wish it well in its recovery.

Photos: Mike Boldt/SWNS.com

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