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Smart For-Us concept revealed
Posted on: December 8th, 2011

This is a pick-up. No wait! It really is! Just look at it! People of the Web, meet the Smart For-Us. It is a zero-emission, roofless pick-up headed for next year’s Detroit motor show, which kicks off on 14 Jan, 2012.


According to Smart’s logic, it marries the practicality of a pick-up truck to the 21st century reality of urban traffic. Which means it’s a miniaturised carry-all for the city.


And when we say miniaturised, we mean tiny. At 3547mm long and 1506 wide, it’s the same dimensions as a Fiat 500 (but a lot taller), with a cargo area measuring 900mm. That rear tailboard retracts electrically and slides down into a parallel position, allowing easy access to the load bay to store your tiny city-bought chattels. Smart will attach a pair of rechargeable ‘e-bikes’ when it hits the show floor next year.


It’s a strict two-seater – mimicking a ‘hammock-like’ feel – and the drivetrain mirrors the ForTwo ED, on sale next year. A magneto-electric motor with 73bhp and 74lb ft powers the For-Us concept, allowing a top speed of 75mph, and an estimated 0-37mph time of around 6.5 seconds.


Sure, it’s not the sort of pick-up that might withstand, say, an Icelandic volcano. Or a wrecking ball. Or a caravan. Or some sea. Or even just a ruddy big tree. But tell us, liberated young urbanites, could you see yourself in a Smart pick-up?

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