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Ford Mondeo to get 1.0-litre engine
Posted on: September 10th, 2012

Let’s all welcome the new Aston Martin Mondaudi, the latest creation from Ford’s design studio. Note the grille, borrowed from the current AM V12, the slimline LED lights, snaffled from an Audi A5/A6/A7/A8, and the general fastback outline – thanks Kia Optima and Audi A7!


Actually, we’re just being mean. This is, of course, the new Ford Mondeo, which is effectively a rejigged version of America’s Ford Fusion. But in a most un-American twist, the fourth-gen Mondeo gets a teeny tiny three-cylinder 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine.


Yes, the little turbo engine from the new Focus and Fiesta (as well as this rather excellent road-legal racer) is being pushed to the limit in the big Mondeo. But while there’s only 125bhp and 169Nm at the ready, it can be overboosted to 200Nm should you need to overtake.


And minuscule displacement has the pleasing side effect of miniscule emissions – the Mondeo will now lead its class, producing just 130g/km compared with the current petrol-powered Bavarian benchmark, the BMW 320i’s 147g/km. That would qualify it for a $10,000 upfront tax savings when the CEVS scheme kicks in next year.


At 4.8 metres long it’s roughly the same size as the old one, albeit a shade lower. There’s also a new multi-link rear suspension setup called integral link that’s a lot closer to the design used by BMW and Audi (best get the sports bras out), and there’s electric power steering.


You’ll have to wait until later for more details, and 2013 to actually buy one. But in the meantime, do you dig the styling fusion?


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