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Chrysler reveals SRT Viper “Time Attack”
Posted on: March 20th, 2013

Are you the kind of performance enthusiast who likes to exercise your car at more than 150 road-race courses around North America in an eye-gouging shade of orange? Good news! This is a special edition SRT Viper. It’s called the ‘Time Attack’. This is a good name.


Built to head-butt your underpowered rivals into tangerine-hued submission, the ‘Time Attack’ Viper follows on the heels of the all-new SRT Viper, a car we’re rather fond of on Top Gear. Fittingly, it’s only available in one colour: Crusher Orange. Truck Yeah!


Chrysler says the TA version blends the standard SRT model with bits from the GTS Viper, together with a new aero package. A quick reminder for those bludgeoned by the sheer luminosity of that paint job: the standard Viper gets a one-setting suspension and two-stage stability control, the GTS Viper features two-stage adjustable dampers, four-mode stability control and more sound deadening, while the Track Pack Viper adds stickier tyres and some weight loss.


So this Time Attack version features a two-stage Bilstein damping system which is firmer than standard, with a smaller spread between the different modes than the Viper GTS model. They’ve been tuned for “optimal on-track performance”. Yes.


The SRT team has also switched the aluminium X-brace (a structural piece that ‘ties’ the four corners of the engine together) for a carbon fibre one, and gained Brembo brakes with better heat dissipation finished in black, super-lightweight alloy wheels named after missiles (‘Sidewinder’), plus a new carbon fibre front splitter and rear spoiler.


You’ve still got an 8.4-litre V10 with 640bhp and 600lb ft of torque, and although exact performance stats haven’t been released for this TA model, expect a 0-62mph of just over three seconds and a top speed somewhere in the region of 206mph.


Just 33 will be built, and it’ll start being bolted together later this year. Promises to be a fighty thing, but couldn’t they make it more…orange?

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