Vehicle 19
Video: Fast & Furious star’s new film
Posted on: May 8th, 2013

When TopGear.com spoke to Dennis McCarthy – the man who conceived, built and then promptly and bombastically destroyed the cars on the upcoming Fast & Furious 6 – he told us that the film’s star, Paul Walker, “is a true car enthusiast”.


So it’s fitting that Walker’s next film following the Fast & Furious franchise is… another car film. What else would you expect from a man who owns his own performance tuning shop, rents out racetracks on the weekends, races BMW M3s and owns a warehouse of dreamy exotica?It’s called Vehicle 19, and follows Paul’s character Michael Woods as he picks up the wrong rental car with a silenced gun and hostage hidden in the back. Woods soon finds out many people want to put lots of little holes in him.


TG.com has managed to exclusively grab the opening two minutes of the film, with Walker’s character doing what Walker does best – driving fast. In the clip below, he’s being chased by an E36 BMW 3-Series police car – complete with the obligatory tail-happy slide out of a corner – while even a helicopter occurs at one point.


Have a watch and let us know what you think – reckon you’ll be seeing this one?


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