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Peugeot SxC concept revealed
Posted on: April 14th, 2011

China is fast becoming the world’s largest consumer of cars, and as such, is getting much love from the car industry. Enter the latest Chinese high-five: the Peugeot SxC concept.


Unveiled ahead of its Shanghai motor show world debut next week, the SxC (Shanghai Cross Concept) is a hybrid crossover concept designed in China by the Peugeot Style Studio and continues the design themes set forth by the SR1 roadster, BB1 electric car and Batmobile-esque EX1 electric racer.


See more pics of Peugeot’s SxC concept


Don’t be fooled by the ‘feline headlamps’ and floating grille and ‘boomerang’ rear styling, though: this thing is as bold as the lion emblem which sits up front. It’s lower, longer and wider than a BMW X5, itself no stranger to obesity. Peugeot insists, however, this portly bulk is ‘protective’ and gives a particularly commodious cabin.


It gets Pug’s 1.6-litre, 218bhp petrol engine driving the front wheels, while an electric motor adds 95bhp and powers the rear, giving a total of 313bhp. Naturally, you can drive it as an all-wheel-drive model, or either the engine or motor separately. Combined, it offers 48.7mpg and emits 143g/km of CO2.


Oh, and it gets reverse-hinged doors too, coupled to 22in wheels and interior components made from brushed aluminium.


Have a gander through the pics and let us know if it tickles your eco-spot, and we’ll bring you more live from the show. When we get there, of course.

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