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Top Gear USA host sets world record
Posted on: May 31st, 2011

Did you happen to catch the professional sporting contest involving cars over the weekend? No, not the one in which an advanced humanoid posing as a young, affable German won again. Or the one with our name on it.

We are of course, talking about the Indy 500 – one of the world’s biggest and most historic races, and the setting for a rather nifty world record.


Gallery: 11 record-breaking moments from the Indy 500


Team Hot Wheels constructed a 100ft tall, 1,500ft long ramp in an attempt to re-bigulate the dreams of child-like petrolheads the world over: what would a real-life Hot Wheels jump look like?


A lot like this, actually. Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust – revealed as the mystery mentalist – piloted an 850bhp custom-built Pro2-style truck at the centennial Indy 500 race and launched it off the 16ft-high ramp into the abyss.


As well as fulfilling his childhood ambition of catching an abundance of spiffing air, he managed to set a new jump record for a four-wheeled vehicle of 332 feet, smashing the previous record of 301 feet.


“As a kid playing with Hot Wheels I could only dream of experiencing something as outrageous as a life-sized V-Drop track set,” said Tanner.


Watch the jump below, and stay tuned for more pics…



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