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This is Sebastian Vettel’s Infiniti
Posted on: August 30th, 2011

This is the ‘performance concept’ Infiniti intends to reveal at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show.


Infiniti, as you should know, is the luxury arm of Nissan, and it is remaining very quiet about the credentials of this performance-orientated small crossover. But, it did have one thing to say: “It will be unveiled by the Infiniti FX driver who helped design it: reigning Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel.”


No word on power, performance or interior decoration. Nada. It will probably house a version of the 385bhp 5.0-litre V8 seen in the FX50S (0-62mph in 5.8s) and perhaps some suspension wizardry. Using utter speculation and conjecture, there will probably be a head-up display offering you new and exciting ways of saying ‘For Sure’, as well as a gold-tipped receptacle to clean your index finger in preparation for Winning.


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After all, barring some massive intervention from the almighty himself, Vettel’s pretty much bagged this year’s championship following his victory in Spa over the weekend; a victory that builds on a season of creaming everyone else on the grid.


With ease.


Some scientists posit the theory that long before life began on earth, a wave of comets swarmed this early, hellish planet, bringing with them vital sparking elements to begin the process of being. is of the opinion Sebastian Vettel was encapsulated in one of these space comets. He is not from this world.


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What do you think Vettel’s Infiniti has in store for Frankfurt? And if it ever makes production, would you buy one?


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