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The race is on!
Posted on: August 20th, 2011

Now, you probably already know Mercedes-Benz invented the car and because it, and the car turn 125 this year, it wants to celebrate. In a big way.


Kicking off the festivities last year at the Paris Motor Show, it sparked a year’s worth of festivities. There have celebrations of its history and heritage at various motor events the world over, ad campaigns and the launch of a glut of new models including the SLK, C-CLass coupe and facelifted C-Class sedan and the A-Class hot hatchback concept at the Shanghai Motor Show.


And what kind of birthday party would it be if there wasn’t a heap of fantastic presents to be given away? How does a pair of grandstand tickets to the Formula One races and a weekend with the Merc of your choice or a trip to Stuttgart for two to visit the Mercedes-Benz museum and factory sound?


Well, it sounds mighty good to us, though you’ll have to do a bit of work for it and you’ll have to play the Mercedes-Benz ’125! Race’, essentially a island-wide treasure hunt held over four weekends from 26 August (that’s next week).


If you’re wondering if you’ll have to embark on a strict training regimen, worry no more, because there’s no (not much, anyway) running involved. Just go to the Apple app store, download the 125! Race app, hunt down specially marked Mercedes-Benz cars hidden throughout the island using clues found in the app and scan the QR codes (those funny square barcode things) on them.


Each week of the contest will see five cars hidden in a region of Singapore (North, Central, East, West) and the fastest person to find all of them will win the pair of grandstand tickets. The fastest overall time for all four weeks will win the big one – the trip to Stuttgart.


Plus, the app also includes little nuggets of Mercedes-Benz trivia, like did you know in 1906, just 20 years after the invention of the car, it released its first hybrid drive system with a petrol engine powering electric motors in the front hubs, similar in principle to the range extender electric vehicles we have today!


If you’re still baffled as to how it all works, Mercedes-Benz has handily included this website for more information and a handy youtube video to explain it all through the modern miracle of moving pictures.

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