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Retro-inspired Nitronic Rush game causes argument
Posted on: August 9th, 2011

Remember the maddening horror of racing games in the eighties and nineties? The covers promised so much – rich, galloping vistas, infinitesimally detailed cars and gameplay so absorbing you’d punch yourself in the genitals just to control your excitment.


Then, after blowing sharply into cartridge and console, you realized you’d been had. The vistas were neither rich nor galloping. The cars looked like they were made from Lego. It was pixilated disappointment.


So imagine our excitement when we saw Nitronic Rush, a new retro game being developed by a group of students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology (trailer below). Finally, after all these years, it looks like we’ll finally get to explore the world of retro game art.


Which is all very well, but a perfunctory office survey revealed that we remember slightly rubbish racing games with alarming fondness. And we’ve just had a very loud argument about which was best.


We exchanged tantrums, violence and very rude words. But we’ve still not settled on an indubitable winner. Which is why we need YOU.


We want to compile the ultimate retro racing game top ten. Click on THESE BIG BLUE WORDS and have a look at the current rankings. Please agree, disagree or suggest games we’ve missed out in the handy box below.



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