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Aston Martin DB9


The car that began one of the greatest comebacks in recent automotive history. The DB9 remains one of the world’s most desirable cars. Wipe the drool. Wipe it.

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  • Turn the cool-volume up to 11 and stand back, the DB9 is here. It is nigh impossible to look uncool in this car
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    DB9 6.0 517 Standard 2d 13MY

    Price £133,495

    BHP 517

    LB FT 457

    MPG 19

    CO2 333

    0-62 MPH 4.60

    Top Speed 183

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What is it?

Purest class, and doubly delicious to those in the know for being the car that kick-started Aston's renaissance. A brawny, sexy GT with a V12 under the bonnet, now refreshed for 2013.


The DB9 was conceived specifically as a GT and you should expect it to handle as such; there's a big V12 hanging out there at the front, so it shades to understeer when you really push. You can cure the tendency with a stab of throttle, but that's not really the point. A bit firm if we're being pedantic. Volante drop-top a tad wobbly around the edges.

Power's up from 470bhp to 510bhp, torque rises to 457lb ft and the 0-62mph dash now takes 4.6 seconds. The six-speed, paddle-override ZF auto is also supreme at making those shifts work for you and if that isn't enough, it sounds like it's doing 200mph when you start it up (even if it tops out at 183mph). Is it good? Yes. Very.

On the inside

There's nothing like a bit of raw bamboo/teak/cherrywood to get the pulse racing and a pure crystal starter button is no bad thing when you're out to impress. Suffice to say the DB9 is a pretty special place to spend time. There have been gripes about some electrical issues, so it's not all a bed of roses, but overall the quality is where it should be: stratospheric.

A DB9 has enough space to accommodate two people and an overnight bag of some considerable size. That's plenty.


If you want to look like a million dollars, then be prepared to pay for it. Low teens for mpg, huge group 20 insurance and standard (read hefty) depreciation now the sugar rush of newness has worn off the market make the DB9 an expensive car to own.

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