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Audi TT Coupe 2.0T FSi quattro driven

Driven December 2010

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You might not have noticed the micro-face-lift on the TT, nor the mild change in power output, from 200 to 211bhp. But I want to mark the arrival of that engine. It's actually been launched in several other cars, like the A4 and Mk6 Golf GTI, but in those cases it has slipped out of the limelight because there have been other things to say. In the new TT, it's the whole story.

History is being made. Some 40 million VW Group cars from the 1972 Audi 80 onwards have been powered by the same engine family, the EA827 (and its update EA113). With carbs, injection and FSi, two, four and five valve heads, turbocharged and supercharged and both, up to the current Audi S3 and Golf R with 270-odd bhp.

It's been quite a journey, but it's ending. This TT gets an EA888. The most obvious difference is that its cams are driven by chains instead of belts, but everything else is changed too. In this variant's case, it also has the variable valve-lift system.

Which is all very anorakacious, but what does it mean for the price of fish? Significantly better economy and loads of torque (far more than the sexier Pug RCZ 200, by the way). The quattro version of the new TT feels like it has the in-gear pickup of the previous FWD car. Spec the Magnetic Ride option, and this TT is a proper tool, no matter how tricky the roads.

Paul Horrell

On your drive for: £726pcm
Performance: 0-62mph in 5.6secs, max speed 150mph, 39.2mpg
Tech: 1984cc, turbo four, 4WD, 211bhp, 258lb ft, 1360kg, 169g/km CO2

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