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BMW 330d Touring

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BMW 3 Series Touring 330d driven

Driven January 2013

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In matters so serious as the giving of Awards, the TG team speaks as a single voice, united in our decision, unwavering in our judgement.

Even so, driving the 330d Touring just after we unitedly, unwaveringly selected the 320d Touring as our Family Car of the Year, I couldn't help wondering if this might be the booted, diesel-drinking Beemer estate of choice.

After all, for a piffling premium of not-quite-£4,000 over the 320d, you get a pair of extra cylinders, an extra 74bhp, an extra 133lb ft of twist. You get a car that'll do 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds rather than a wheezing seven point six, a car capable of not only keeping pace with proper performance machinery but of flattening it under a jackboot stomp of torque. And, provided you drive it sensibly, which you won't, you sacrifice but a few meagre mpgs of economy: the 330d officially returns 55.4mpg to the 320d's 58.9mpg.

Sure, if you're being rational and awardy, the 320d does offer all the space 'n' pace you really need for 10 per cent less cash. But, really, what's a few grand between friends? Cut out your daily mochaespressoccino and you'll recoup that premium in barely four caffeine-deficient years.

But as a united and unwavering member of the TG dictatorship, none of these dark, subversive thoughts could I reveal to Editor Turner, who rules with an iron fist. So officially, I cannot tell you to buy the 330d instead of the 320d. But if you do, I may buy you that coffee in treasonous celebration.

Sam Philip

The numbers
2993cc, 6cyl, RWD, 258bhp, 413lb ft, 55.4mpg, 135g/km CO2, 0-62mph in 5.6secs, 155mph, 1680kg

The verdict 
The finest diesel wagon out there. Apart from, erm, the 320d. Possibly. Oh God, what have we started?

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